I want you to scream "STOP!" in your head. Scream it. Think it so hard that all of your thoughts crash with such force that it emulates angry waves crashing against a rocky shoreline. Become silent. Become still. So still that once again you are like water. However, this time you are so calm, that … Continue reading Waves

Post Mortem

Most of us have been through the devastating experience of losing someone. That soul crippling, twist of your veins, disassociation that occurs when we hear of the death and sometime after. Obviously, you grieve in your own way... but as I have grown (and have recently experienced a death) I have found it a taboo … Continue reading Post Mortem


I don't believe in a god, but I have seen the devil looking back at me through a mirror and transforming my insecurities into a snake contracting and writhing around my body tightening my chest until I was gasping for air. Choking what life I had left within me while I begged for mercy. I … Continue reading Believe